“Please, Beer with Us…”

Build Your Own 5-Pack: A Boozy Ballad to Our HZ Offices

With a couple of kegs in the kitchen, Friday liquor store runs, a beer club, and happy hours for every excuse, it’s clear that at HZ we don’t shy away from imbibing potent potables with our colleagues. And just like the wide world of beer, we’re a pretty diverse group.

After speaking with some fellow HZers, we wanted to see what we could come up with if we took each office, threw in some barley and hops, brewed it, and bottled it up. Here’s what we came up with:

Rockville – Flagship Stout

No doubt about it, HZ Rockville is our mother ship. With the most space and biggest staff, it’s a veritable beehive of activity, with plenty of things going on at once. From client meetings and new-business pitches to HZ Talks and quarterly events, the full spectrum of life at HZ is represented here. So, to truly capture its essence, we thought: the heavier and stronger, the better.

Savor the taste of Flagship Stout from Hirshorn-Zuckerman Breweries. Robust in flavor and bold in taste, this selection is a must-have for the collection. Seriously, without it, we’d have nothing. This beer is where it all began, so it’s a great place to start.


Baltimore – Old Bay IPA

Not as big as Rockville, whatever the Baltimore office lacks in size, it more than makes up for in professional might. The epicenter of some of our most important accounts, our Charm City office is made up of a crack team of writers, designers, account executives, and more who not only specialize in what they do but excel in it on a daily basis. To represent this integral space, we looked to the staple of all craft beers: International Pale Ale (IPA).

The best of Baltimore now comes in a bottle! Introducing Old Bay IPA. Made right here in the heart of Charm City, this surprisingly powerful brew is complex, unique in flavor, and will leave a lasting impression long after the last drop. Sprinkle it over your crab feast for that spicy Old Bay taste, but boozier.

New York – Big Apple Boutique Cider

Who doesn’t want to take a bite of the Big Apple? That’s exactly what HZ did when it opened its New York City office. With a tight-knit, multidisciplinary team that covers everything from integrated branding to digital marketing, and a swanky space that captures the forward-looking spirit of the Manhattan advertising scene, this office possesses the expertise of a big agency while maintaining a specialized boutique feel that is as genuine as it is professional.

Take a break from the “been-there-done-that” and experience a refreshing new take on the cider scene with Big Apple Boutique Cider. The city can speak to you in many different ways. When it calls your name, don’t just respond—answer back with authority. Crisp. Sweet. Compelling. Our recipe for success is no secret—it’s our specialty.

Santa Cruz – Silicon Beach Shandy

With the addition of our studio in Santa Cruz, Calif., we went from being an exclusively East Coast operation to a beast of the bi-coastal nature. And while it may seem far-removed geographically, what this office brings couldn’t hit any closer to home. This extremely collaborative unit of HZers works hard to establish a level of familiarity and trust with clients that matches the gorgeous weather they experience year-round. And with a full-fledged office space on the way, things are on target to be even brighter.

Flip-flops? Check. Beach and boardwalk? Check and check. Your new favorite warm-weather brew? Coming right up. Pour yourself a glass of Silicon Beach Shandy. The latest addition to our growing family of finely brewed beverages may seem as easy to make as it is to drink, but there’s a ton of time, attention, and concentration in every bottle. This one’s sure to be a favorite all year long.  

DC Canvas – DC B&B Ale

To say that HZ is your typical ad agency is, well, just not true. Sure, we may do things a little outside the proverbial box, but by Jove, do we get results! Our latest foray into the unconventional comes in the form of Canvas. Part office, part creative collaborative space, Canvas has everything from a ping-pong table to an espresso machine. Plus, it’s directly surrounded by some of the best shopping and dining that DC has to offer. For this one, we wanted to find the perfect balance between work and play.

Washington, DC, isn’t your average American city. And DC B&B Bourbon Barrel-Aged Ale isn’t your average beer. Brewed to perfection and aged in used bourbon barrels, this selection offers you a little something you’re used to—with a dash of the unexpected. When two great things come together in the same bottle, it’s easy to see that this is no passing fad—this one is here to stay.