Meet HZ: Gillian Goodman

Meet Gillian Goodman – Associate Creative Director at HZ

Tell us a bit about yourself—how did you get started in the industry, who have you worked with, what kinds of work do you specialize in?  

I spent the past 15 years of my career in the magazine publishing industry. It will always be a passion of mine, and I truly love the process of compiling a luxury print piece. I have been very fortunate in every position I have been in, and have been blessed with amazing mentors and friends.

I started by career under Creative Director Arem Duplessis at GQ. He is now doing amazing work with Apple. I also had the distinct honor of working with Fred Woodward, who is legendary in the publication world, for his cutting edge work at Rolling Stone. Writer and food critic Ruth Reichl and Creative Director Richard Ferretti were my mentors while I was the Associate Art Director at Gourmet. With each move, each creative partner had a core creative sensibility and stylistic gift that they were willing to share with me. I was a sponge. I was always eager to learn more and still am.

And how long have you been at HZ?

Nine months.

What are some common business problems clients and potential clients bring to you, as a creative in an integrated agency like HZ? 

Most of the clients that I start out with are looking for full-service marketing and design and building a brand from scratch. We start out with the naming, position, and then get into the creative exploration. I have had a lot of fun at HZ so far. I love real estate projects, so seeing how the areas of DC and Baltimore are coming alive with new condo and apartment residences has been very exciting. 

How have you used design to tackle these kinds of challenges?

I prefer to express emotion through photography and typography. The power of a photograph combined with a simple statement in the perfect font can immediately make a brand or product memorable. I push clients for original photography when possible, to achieve an ownable look that can’t be replicated. Also, the power of type is unbelievable. The curve of a serif can change a brand from traditional to modern.

Show off a little—what’s some work you’ve done here that you’re particularly proud of?

I love the work that HZ has done for PN Hoffman’s new condo building down in Southwest DC. It’s called VIO. It is very “urban chic,” and I was able to tap into some of my New York aesthetics to create the visuals. The project we have done for King Arthur Flour, Sift, has been an incredible experience to work on. It brings together everything I am inspired by. Great photographs, quality paper, typography and delicious food.

What would you say is your biggest source of inspiration?

Photography. I always start with lighting, because I believe that lighting can set a mood and tone for a photograph more than anything.

When you’re not working, how do you unwind? Any pop culture guilty pleasures? Taylor Swift? Real Housewives?

Who doesn’t love Taylor Swift?? I have two young daughters so we do a lot of singing and dancing to Taylor. Immediately afterwards comes a glass of wine!  When I do have some downtime I go for a run, browse Barnes and Noble and catch up on my magazines. (I can never get enough.) Just the other day I discovered a magazine about the love of paper. What could be better! It’s my favorite recent purchase.