Get To Know Canvas: Ross Nover Of Friendly Design Co

How long have you been at Canvas?

At this point, I'm the oldest member. I was here day one, which was May 1st, 2012. It was the last day at my last job, and my first day coworking/freelancing.


Tell us a bit about Friendly Design—how long have you guys been around? What’s your role there?

Friendly Design Co has been around since the summer of 2012. My role is as co-founder and creative director, so I do a mixture of designing, organizing, and making sure our designers have what they need to be awesome. Sometimes that means tacos.


What makes separates Friendly Design from other graphic design firms?

At night we fight crime.

Seriously, I think it's our approach to projects. It's hard to fit it into a pithy paragraph, but we try in so many ways to make it great for everyone involved. We think a lot about our process. We put in the time to make it great. We care about the results. All that sounds pretty cliché I'm sure, but I really think somewhere in there is the secret sauce to making it great.


What are your favorite kinds of projects to work on?

I personally have had the most fun with iOS and web application design. It feels like one of the purest forms of interactive design, and also since it's still a relatively new medium and format that keeps changing, it's been a new and always interesting challenge.


Do you have a dream client? If so, who?

A lot, I'm sure. I think the one I've been thinking about the most lately is the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I'm all about what they support and would love to support them with the work we do.


When you’re not designing, how do you spend your time?

*Takes a deep breath*

Probably the most interesting would be SUPER ART FIGHT. It's a live action art competition with equal parts pro wrestling, improv comedy, and comic art. Artists compete against each other by drawing and the audience chooses the winner! It's weird, creative, and fun. Lo and behold, we have a show coming up at The Black Cat this very weekend! Saturday, 6/27.

Also, I make comics. You can find them here.  (I have books behind my desk, should you get bored throughout the day.)

Also also, I try to do yoga when I can. Don't try and picture it, it isn't pretty.