Meet Canvas: Chang Xiao, FFW Agency

Tell us a little about FFW—who are some of your clients? What kind of work does your agency do?

FFW is a digital agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a presence in 14 countries. We primarily focus on four areas of service: digital insights/optimizations, digital strategy, creative work, and technology. This spans everything from building iPhone applications with iBeacons for movieplex chains to municipality intranet portals. We work with large organizations spanning several industry verticals, notably Pfizer, NBC Universal, GE, and Stanford University. 


What’s your job title? Or—to quote Office Space—what would you say you DO here?

My official job is Managing Director. I work with a remote team of 15 people on a variety of engagements. I do everything from sales, account management, and marketing to capacity planning, and everything else in between, for our clients in the D.C area as well as with our U.S.–based not-for-profit clients. 


How long have you been working out of Canvas?

For 2 years and 3 months.


Who would be your all-time dream client? What would you want to do for them?

I am already working with a lot of my dream clients, but I would probably add World Wildlife Federation (WWF) to the list. I would love to help them build tools to better conduct conservation efforts in many different countries.


You mentioned to Canvas community manager Jamie that you are, and I quote here, “The Warden of the North.” On a scale of Ned Stark to Roose Bolton, how good of a warden would you be? What’s the first law of the land that you would establish?

I would be the most malevolent dictator. This means I will pretend—extremely convincingly—to address all my people’s concerns while executing my secret agenda. My first law of the land is naturally to outlaw summer clothing, because, you know: Winter is coming.


When you’re not working or being the Warden of the North, what do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy tennis and a good outdoor concert in my free time. A regular trek down the Old Rag and Billy Goat trails is also near the top of my list.