Let's get hackin'!

Our senior community manager, Ijeoma Nwatu, is hosting HZ's second hackathon tonight. In preparation for the big night, she reflects on the first hackathon, held last October. Stay tuned for more photos and updates from the big hack!

hackathon graphic

a newbie at an agency

branding, marketing, digitally

influenced solutions for clients

will this idea be in compliance?

with my startup background

running to innovate and ideate

this hackathon concept, can

i get the right brains to initiate?

start with allies who think like you

get a plan and budget in plain view

have a meeting, then three more

set a date and have teams of four

stay under budget but have good food

don’t forget to take pictures, dude

time constraints will heighten fears

encourage participants and their ideas

time’s up and now they must present

to the CEO and COO, no disillusionment

everyone’s in a good mood, good cheer

celebrating the first hackathon of the year