How our kids keep us creative

We recently asked HZ staffers how the younger people in their lives keep them creative. Here’s what we got.

My 22-year-old kid turns me on to new technologies. It’s the reason I have SnapChat on my phone.
— Carol Vaughn, Print Buyer

My beloved [adult] children have helped keep my mind open to creating new drink combinations. For instance, did you know vodka and Fresca are delicious together?
— Carolyn Clemens, Accounting Manager

FullSizeRender (2).jpg
I recently told my 9-year-old that the type he chose for his science poster lacked personality and didn’t drive the concept forward. Maybe that’s not a good thing.
— Marilyn Kitzes, Senior Copywriter

Watching my nieces and nephews completely disregard the lines when coloring makes me realize I can do that more, too.
— Megan Piferi, Account Executive

Listening to music your kid brings into the house—always a new perspective.
— Chuck Livingston, Senior Production Artist

Everything about twin 15-month-olds demands creative strategy. Where do I begin?
— Lindsay Maarec, Director of Business Development

Convincing four tween-to-teen boys that the static electricity generated when they leave their socks on the floor could disrupt the Wi-Fi and brick their PlayStation? That’s just leveling the playing field, dude.
— Jess Ruzz, Senior Copywriter