Intro To Baltimore: Part 2

That’s right. There’s a part two.

Oh, you’ve never heard of an agency that talks about food as much as we do? We’ll take that as a compliment. 

As we were saying, the following are some of HZers favorite places to dine and pay accordingly in Harbor East, the home of HZ Baltimore.


Jason – Isabella’s

On an unassuming street corner in Little Italy is the best flipping subs you’ll ever have in your entire life. Disagree and you can take it up with Jason.

During his first week at HZ, Jason trekked there during a snowstorm just for a meatball sub—assumingly because his first few days were so unbearable, so horrendous that the only thing that would make him feel at home was to fill our office with smells of Little Italy. It worked. 

Jason gets: The meatball sub, obviously.


Katie Calidas - Pitango

Katie will go for gelato any time of year. Any. Time.

Like the other day, for example, it was below freezing. We planned on running after work. None of us wanted to go because as I said, it was freezing. She says, “We’re going, and we’re stopping by Pitango on our way back.” She forces us to work out then encourages gelato breaks. What kind of trainer are you Katie?!

Katie gets: Cardamom gelato.


Brenna: Daily Grind

Brenna recommends Daily Grind for their “frank employees.” Not mean, but not insincerely nice. Just like Brenna!

Worth noting, though, is their awkward bathroom situation—you must pick up an ancient looking key to unlock the bathrooms (everyone knows you’re using the bathroom again). Inside, is a room with one stall. Just one stall! One time I had to break a child out of the bathroom, from the outside. It was upsetting for both of us.

Brenna gets: The Powerhouse Sandwich (some kind of veggie sandwich with all sorts of leaves and sprouts hanging out).


Caitlin: Miss Shirley's Café

I assumed I’d never eat here because the line for brunch is so long, you’d have to arrive at 7am just to get a table.

But if anything could get me out of bed on a Saturday morning, it might just be this: Crab cake eggs Benedict with sweet potato & marshmallow cinnamon rolls, and a salted caramel hot chocolate (that’s hot chocolate with caramel vodka, whipped cream, caramel drizzle and a chocolate straw).

Caitlin gets: Maryland Omelet with a Spicy Shirley Bloody Mary.


Lauren – Barcocina

Barcocina is big, breezy and perfect for summer afternoons. It’s also a solid spot for Tinder dates, not that I would know.

They have an especially great cocktail selection. I’ve heard the jalapeno margarita is especially delicious, but I wouldn’t know because I don’t eat jalapenos (they’re devil food). There’s even a “tacos to-go” window, which, I believe, puts this one in first place. Right? Are we ranking these?

Lauren gets: Fish tacos with a side of balsamic guac.

And there you have it! Straight from the mouths (and stomachs) of the Baltimore crew. Stop by for lunch sometime, hon.