Instagram: Illuminating Artists & Illustrators

Have you ever taken the time to just stop and take in your surroundings? If so, then you would you have noticed that illustrations are everywhere! Now, I am not just talking about picture books here (even though those are still really awesome) — illustrations can be anything from spilt coffee to a mural on a city wall. Luckily for us, Instagram has become a hub for illustrators and artists to showcase their work. So if you are looking to see more than just your friend’s selfies on your insta-feed, go ahead and click Follow on these amazing creatives. 


If you ever happen to find yourself in Kansas City, then there is a high chance that you have run into the work of the one and only Tad Carpenter. With a style of his own, he uses his simple vector illustrations to create all aspects of design. From branding a restaurant, to children’s books illustrations (Sad Santa – check it out), to prints that anyone would want to hang on their wall. There is no doubt he is one of my absolute favorites. 



Ever hear the saying “Don’t cry over spilled milk”? Well Giulia Bernardelli did just that and then used it to create an illustration. From using coffee and a spoon to make a three-masted ship to a portrait in the bottom of her cup, her work will constantly make you say, “Wait, what? But how?” So next time you spill something on your tablecloth, don’t be afraid to use it as a canvas and create. 



From sketch, to carving, to printing, Derrick Castle takes you through the steps of illustrating with printmaking. With his Americana-influenced style, there is no denying that these prints are bold and beautiful in black and white or color. However, I personally think that the most wonderful aspect of the images is the imperfections within each print. To look at it and know that it was hand done instead of being mass produced in a factory truly makes it something special. 



Creativity lives in chaos, and Glen Ronald uses it as his muse. Every time you look at one of his pieces you find something new, whether it is a multitude of faces creating a singular image, or chaotic splatters that come together to form an elephant. These images are a visual experience worth having each time he uploads a new creation. 



Stacey Rozich uses watercolor and gouche to take you into her fanciful imagination. With her exquisite detail and clean lines, it is impossible to tell that some of these characters only took minutes to create. With a hint of menace, these vivid illustrations will be an instant favorite when scrolling through your feed. 

Fallen in love with some of these illustrations? Click on the link in the artist’s profile and check out their store!