Get to Know HZDG COO, Glenn Watts!

hzdg glenn watts

You’ve been with HZ for almost 20 years—certainly longer than almost anyone else. How did you first get started at the agency?  

I was looking for a much smaller company than the 500+ person agency that I was working at previously.  I met a mutual friend who got me in touch with Karen, and I was immediately hooked on the small, intimate, family feel of the company.  It was so refreshingly genuine and pure.

How has HZ changed over the years—and, just as importantly, what is the secret to the agency’s success in face of such change?  

One of my favorite things about HZ is that it is ever-evolving.  Our secret is organic growth, fueled by passionate employees.  We strive very hard to hire people that are not only great at what they do, but that are truly passionate about their craft.  It’s the collective of these passionate individuals that constantly pushes HZ forward -- whether it be into new service offerings or simply mastering our existing ones.

COO is a seriously cool title—what does an average day at HZ look like for the Chief Operating Officer?  

Organized chaos!

When the CEO, CFO, and COO have to vote on an important decision, do you ever feel like it’s unfair that two of them are married?  

Ha Ha!  Nope.  We’ve cultivated an extremely solid relationship over the years, built on mutual trust, respect and admiration.  Even though Karen and Jerry are married, they are each other’s Yin and Yang.  I’m right there in the middle, helping guide the way and fostering consensus.

Considering how far HZ has come and how things have been going lately—the new office spaces at Canvas and in Santa Cruz to name a few—what’s next for HZ?  

I wouldn’t be surprised if we continue to open a few more offices around the country over the next several years, while at the same time still being able to leverage the fully integrated service offerings of the “Mother Ship” here in Rockville.

Tell us a bit about Glenn outside of HZ—do you have any pop culture guilty pleasures? You're not secretly a huge One Direction fan, are you?

I’m a huge Jimmy Buffett fan.  Love the music, the party and the vibe.  I’ve been to too many concerts to count, and enjoy throwing an annual Margaritaville party -- this year marks 25!  Also, I’m looking forward to taking my daughter to her very first Buffett concert later on this August.  Fins Up!!