HZ's Conference Rooms, Ranked by Greatness

Our headquarters has a ton of cool nooks and crannies—places where we can put our heads together and cook up awesome campaigns, strategies, and creative for our clients. Some of these places are relaxing, others energizing. Some of these places can hold a full team, others are more intimate. Here they all are, ranked as unscientifically as you could possibly imagine:

10. Hell’s Kitchen

Don’t book this room in the winter. It’s too cold. Also, don’t book it in the summer. Still too cold.

 9. The Gallery

What’s the Gallery? Good question. If you’re me, it’s the indentation in the wall that you pass several times a day when you need more coffee. People often assume it’s a private place to gossip, but the lack of door means those secrets are easily overheard—which is great for me, as my desk is right outside this little alcove…

8. The Loft

The Loft would rank higher, if not for the existence of The Library. This space offers a great escape from your desk when you need a change of scenery, but the lighting is a bit too dim, and it’s easy to get distracted, and it makes you a little bit snoozy and…wait, what am I writing about again?

7. Malcolm 

Malcolm is great. But it’s in the middle. And this means you’ll overhear too much from both of the conference rooms bordering this one. When Fish Tank and Hell’s Kitchen are empty (or quiet), Malcolm is wonderful. But barring those circumstances? I’d avoid a client call.

 6. Corner Office

Though it lacks a closed door, this space is a solid gathering point to collaborate. In fact, maybe that's exactly what gives Corner Office a jolt of energy—between passers-by and the buzz of creativity throughout the office, there’s never a static meeting here.

 5. The Library

This space offers the best of both worlds. Unlike London Fog, it's well lit, centrally located, and intimate enough to keep you on task. Perfect for catching up on a project or brainstorming—though its lack of a phone or computer monitor renders this space good only for certain kinds of meetings.

4. Fish Tank

The best of the main three—the temperature is better than Hell’s Kitchen, there's less noise pollution than in Malcolm, and it has little fish on the windows. The only drawback is, because people prefer this to Malcolm and Hell’s Kitchen, you can often see people waiting to get in, even before your time is up. Sorry, dudes—guess your meeting’s over.

3. Hall of Fame

This meeting room is like a T-Rex in a bow tie. It’s big, it’s badass, and it’s strangely kind of formal. In any other work setting, this room might feel like a stiff boardroom, but luckily there are enough cool HZ touches to keep it feeling fun and creative (for instance, the legs of the table are an H and a Z—awesome). It has all the essentials needed for any meeting and, best of all, when a big group is done gathering, there’s usually leftover food up for grabs in the kitchenette.

2. Surfboard

Between the giant whiteboard wall for doodles and ideas, the big windows to let in light, and the big ol’ table that gives this room its name, Surfboard feels like the epitome of HZ. It’d my top pick, hands down, if not for…

1. Champagne Room

Though offering tragically little in the way of bubbly, Champagne Room is the easy pick for best meeting space. Its circular shape encourages collaboration, while its private, almost remote nature makes meetings here feel like a mini getaway from the office. It’s cozy, it’s quiet, and it offers the perfect amount of comfort while still keeping the creative fires burning.


Also Sara’s cool. ’Sup, Sara?