Battle of the bottles — A fashion face-off around the water cooler.

When you work in a creative environment, you sort of expect to see a wide range of outfits. Business casual on the account side, black jeans and turtlenecks among the creatives, and novelty t-shirts in the development department—to name just a few stereotypes. But at HZ, we have found that the reusable water bottle is really the one accessory people use to express their personality.

Now, we’ve long advocated the use of reusable instead of disposable. We have water fountains for filtered water. We give new employees an HZ water bottle. We propose reusable water bottles at many a pitch. We even pitched and won a water bottle account.

But still, we were astounded by the huge variety we found on even just a quick tour around the office. Here are just a few of the hydration-delivery models strutting their aqua selves around the office:

The LCB (little clear bottle)

Sported by new employees who may not be ready to reveal their personalities.


The rebel

May or may not care what you think about anything. May also use the bottle as a weapon.


The happy-go-lucky

Most likely to wear bright clothes and a smile.


The dedicated

They get s#%@ done and don’t even have time to get up to refill their bottles.


The original

They’ve been drinking water since before it became cool.


The avant-garde

Fashion-forward yet classy, probably also enjoys foreign films.


The Kool-Aid drinker

May be a little bit too much into our agency culture? And probably doesn’t even drink water.