Baked Goods Guru To Marketing Maven

Dear Third-Grade Me,

Hey, girl. I see you’re keeping it real in those braces, bangs, and circular glasses. Don’t worry, there’s something called Warby Parker in the future. I promise it gets better.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for having the slightly nerdy, often-solitary hobby of baking. Those Sunday afternoons spent in the kitchen, poring over Mom’s old cookbooks, creaming butter and sugar, and scrubbing non–dishwasher safe pans will pay off. You certainly have no idea of this, sitting in Mr. Weaver’s classroom, but someday you’ll become a graphic designer (it’s sort of like art, but you get paid). And then, after a few years, you’ll find yourself working on something called Sift, a magazine of recipes and feature articles produced for King Arthur Flour, America’s first flour company. You’ll be at a computer arranging beautiful pictures of gooey baked goods and using fonts (not Times New Roman or Arial; there’s, like, a million more by now) to inspire people to try the recipes. Here’s the best part, Mol—that’s your job! That’s what you get paid for!

So keep memorizing multiplication tables, playing Oregon Trail, and using the hand mixer. Because in one way or another, all those things will help you in the long run.


26-Year-Old Me 

A few of the delicious treats found within Sift: