A Recipe For Success

Being a passionate baker touches on the types of gardens you plant, your kitchen, and how you travel. It’s something that colors and guides your view of the world. Similar to how other hobbies like running or biking might. So when King Arthur Flour approached us with a challenge—to expand their opportunities to connect with their community in engaging new ways—we collaborated around some ideas that eventually lead us to Sift. We knew with the right blend of content and contributors we could excite both their traditional loyalists and their rapidly growing online enthusiasts.

King Arthur Flour is a passionate company, an employee-owned company. Their lives revolve around the way baking connects people—the social and community aspects of it. We started thinking about how to better position King Arthur as a lifestyle brand.

With the emerging trend around passion publications, we quickly came to realize Sift would be the perfect opportunity to create a unique and valuable content experience for King Arthur’s audience. These magazines serve as statement pieces that have a place on peoples’ coffee tables as a way to showcase their interests. We targeted aspiring bakers, practiced bakers, foodies, and clean eating enthusiasts—the kinds of consumers who daydream about their next culinary creation and sharing it with friends and family. 

We sought to activate and inspire with a gorgeously assembled, wonderfully tangible guide to the King Arthur lifestyle—to more fully introduce the company, its products, and its philosophies to the readership. And by bringing in influential bloggers to showcase the flavors and tastes that define their cities and geographic locations, we introduced a nice blend of print and online experiences.

We look forward to publishing two more issues of Sift this coming year—so keep your eyes on the magazine rack and your ovens at the ready. 


Want to learn more about Sift? AMATV recently did a profile on the project—check it out here!