8 ways DC is more digital than you think

When asked where the epicenter of digital marketing is, what’s the most common answer? New York, most likely. Maybe a city on the West Coast. What about Washington, D.C.? Anyone? We’ll have you know the nation’s capital is more digital than you think.

It's the current home to the most digitally savvy president ever


You can get cell service while riding the Metrorail (only in Metro stations, though, unless you have Verizon)


Hey, we’ve got hipsters, too


Easy access to the Big Apple, if needed


Facebook has a D.C. office (and so do Twitter, Google, Microsoft, and a ton of start-ups…)


Plenty of coffee houses for creative thinkers


Free WiFi hotspots around the city


And, yeah, we’ve got those shared work spaces with ping pong tables…

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