5 Intimidation Tactics to Make You Bill Your Time

No one likes inputting their billed time. Seriously, no one. Here are five things you probably will like a whole lot less than that:

1. Getting 403ed

Or in other words, being called to the principal’s office. Prepare yourself.

2. Having your supervisors chase you down

“Is all your time in?”

“Is this job up-to-date?

“How much time did you spend on this project?”

Don’t underestimate your AE’s ability to chase you down like a puma.

3. Having to bill the last two weeks all in one sitting

Is there anything more mind-numbing? And seriously, WHAT did I do last Wednesday?

4. Finding out you’re on the “Live Check” list

Didn’t bill on time? WHOOPS, TOO BAD, PAYCHECK WITHHELD. Looks like Ramen noodles until you get your life together.

5. Or worst of all… No. Beer.

OK, so this isn’t a thing. But what if they took the keg away? I don’t want to live in that world. 

We all know that billing time is a necessary evil – it’s tedious, for sure. But we don’t want any of the above to happen. Here are some tips & tricks from your friendly AE to make it a breeze: 

  • Use your calendar and your inbox – they’re your best resource, if you’ve racked your brain and just can never remember, like yours truly.
  • Put job numbers in calendar invites, so it’s easy to reference.
  • Make a to-do list daily to keep track of your tasks and completed projects.
  • Do you work on a lot of the same projects? Keep the Stickies application open, and have a running list of your go-to job numbers.
  • Set a calendar reminder at the end of the day or first thing every morning.
  • Write down your time on a piece of paper as you complete things, then transfer that to C&P.

8 hours a day keeps the 403 away. Good luck!