HZ's 10 tips to stay young in a fast-paced industry

Early this week, the Washington Post wrote an article about HZ’s affinity towards millennials. And it’s true. Our culture thrives on youthful energy—little surprise a youthful staff is at the heart of it. The millennials and the millennial-minded we employ are thinkers & doers who play critical roles in defining HZ as the innovative force that it is today. It’s how we stay on the cutting edge of every discipline—employing and enabling the up-and-coming talent you’re sure to see great things from in years to come.

But why do millennials love HZ? When our employees walk in the door to any of our 3.5 offices, they expect more than just work—they expect collaboration, creative freedom, stimulating challenges and, most of all, fun. We have turned our spaces into toy stores for the brain—places where not just millennials but all of our employees love to work.

Let the fun begin!

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Here are a few HZ perks that keep us young at heart.

1. We're where you want to be (DC Metro, Baltimore, NYC, Silicon Valley)

We currently have offices in three of the largest metropolitan regions on the East Coast, and pretty, soon we’ll be branching out to Silicon Valley as well. What does this mean for HZers? For one: access. HZ doesn’t just open an office and resume business as usual. Each of our locations is a marketing hub in its respective communy. From these 3 cities, we are building a network of expertise and innovation that each and every HZ employee has access to.

2. Food trucks come to us


It’s sort of like street meat, but delicious-er. The food trucks that patronize our offices range from Italian, Balkan, crepes, to, of course—Hardy’s BBQ. What would we be without those sweet, spicy, smoky meat fries?

3. Don’t sweat it, we’ve got boot camp for that

No need to feel bad after stuffing your face with the finest from food trucks—we have our own trainer to kick us into shape after a hard day staring at a computer screen. You’d be surprised how a good workout can prep you for anything from client call to the next brainstorm sesh.

4. Happy hours (and beer in-house)


We don’t need an excuse to celebrate. And so we do—often. If there’s not a happy hour on our calendars, then we’ll make do with the keg in the kitchen of our Rockville office—always stocked with the best seasonal brews on tap.

5. Keep calm, meditate often

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Mental health is as important as physical. That’s why we hold group meditation every Tuesday. Breath in, breath out — now go take over the world!

6. Blurring the line between friends and co/workers (work, play, repeat)

Our recent acquisition of Canvas Co/work, one of DC’s oldest community workspaces, has made us more collaborative than ever. The open floor plan in all of our offices encourages people from all departments and all walks of life to collide in an explosion of creativity and innovation.

7. Thinkers and doers (best, brightest, most creative and awesome)

With so much excitement and talent under one roof, it’s sometimes hard to remember that this is work. Okay, that’s not exactly true. Technically, all that excitement is housed under 4 roofs.

You’ll find inspiration around every corner of each of our vibrant, buzzing spaces. Ideas are nurtured to greatness and execution, as the best and brightest in the business encourage you to bring your awesomeness to the table—and then push you to make it even more awesome. Picture you at your best. Now make it better. That’s you at HZ.

8. Clubs on clubs on clubs (rock climbing, poker, wine, boot camp, hackathons)

We pride ourselves on being creatives—and creatives know that inspiration comes from unexpected places. Encouraging a wide range of passions and interests, while sharing in new experiences as a company is part of what makes HZ culture thrive. Excited yet? There’s good reason to be.

9. Big-name clients (Redskins, VW, Hilton, NVR, Rockefeller Center)

In the words of the legendary Ron Burgundy: We’re kind of a big deal. We’ve worked with NFL teams, the makers of Germany’s most beetle-shaped automobiles, and one of New York City’s biggest tourist destinations. That’s just to name a few. The opportunity to work with big-name clients is almost as exciting as the broad range of work that we—as an integrated agency—are able to provide them.

10. 160 employees and growing strong

We like to think of HZ as one big happy family, but with a staff of 160 and growing, that may be pushing the definition of what counts as “family.” It’s more like an orange-clad army—unified in our purpose to create the greatest branded experiences imaginable. We’re not looking to take over the world—just the world of advertising. And we’re always looking for great talent to join us along the way.

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