The Seven Stages of Developing a Social Media Strategy

1. Confidence

We got this. We’re experts in our field, after all—maestros of all the social medias.  We’ve been excited about tackling a new challenge for a while—this is the perfect opportunity to showcase all those exciting ideas that didn’t quite fit in scope for our other clients. Let’s do the damn thing!


2. Procrastination

But first...we’ll do this other thing. And this other thing. And THEN we’ll get to that strategy. We don’t think of it as procrastination at first. We just have to take care of a few things first—that way we can focus our time and energy into the strategy deck. Obviously. We still got this.


3. Anxiety

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait—what?! It’s due...when!? Uhh....


4. Panic

It’s fine. It’s totally fine. You don’t think it’s fine? Why not? I mean. We have like...3 whole days to...oh my god...


5. Overdrive

Long hours? A bit of weekend bonus work? Par for the course. But now that we’ve gotten the ball rolling, all that anxiety and panic seem like distant memories. Our confidence is back. And we’re drinking it by the mug. Wait no that’s coffee. We’re drinking coffee. A lot of it. We haven’t slept much.


6. ~~*Magic*~~


We can’t reveal exactly what happens in this stage. All we can tell you, is that it’s amazing.


7. Triumph

Cue the victory music! We do have victory music, right?