The life of a digital copywriter


My mom was right—I AM special. One-of-a-kind.

My name is Craig Viera, and I am the only Digital Copywriter at HZ.

What exactly is a digital copywriter? Ostensibly, it may have started as a different way of meaning “copywriter who is anchored to social media”—but as time passed, the reality proved to be more fulfilling.

I write more than the rest of the digital team (but less than most copywriters) and I think about digital strategy more than the rest of the copywriters (but less than most of the digital team).

And yet “less” is never how I feel about my job. I never feel as though I’m compromising on either end of my responsibilities. In fact, I think my sort of job is exactly what agencies need more of—especially integrated agencies that boast a range of diverse capabilities.

Look, I’m not suggesting that I am personally some sort of irreplaceable and perfect beacon of advertising genius (unless you are a manager/creative director/executive at HZ—in which case, I absolutely, unequivocally am). But I am in a position where my job requires me to navigate and incorporate two common yet distinct agency disciplines into my work every day, deepening and highlighting the interconnected world of advertising today.

I’m not just writing tweets and Facebook posts—I’m part of the developing and planning of campaigns and strategies for both of these platforms. My position may sometimes prohibit me from stretching my “writing legs” in longer formats, but it’s also rare that I’m given an assignment without having had at least a voice in the purpose or direction of the writing task at hand.

This creates new boundaries (typically right around the 140-character mark) but just as quickly opens me up to a new way of thinking. It allows me to be much more effective within a narrower scope of responsibilities.

Unique snowflake that I am, I’m sure you could find one of me for your agency, and it would help you blend the creative form of copywriting with the hard pragmatism of digital functionality.

Meanwhile I’ll keep toiling away in my solitariness…