10 tweets we don't want to see during the Super Bowl

I resent Oreos—and it’s not “I resent Oreos because they make me unlearn self control and now I’ve eaten an entire sleeve of delicious cookies,” either.

I resent Oreos because of their famous “You can still dunk in the dark.” tweet during the Super Bowl 47 power outage, 2 years ago.Since then, every major televised event has become a certifiable battle of the brands—a challenge to come up wit the quickest, wittiest, in-the-momentiest observation they can possibly make, all while attempting to cleverly tie these observations back to brand messaging.

Sometimes it’s great and it works (see: Digiorno’s coverage of The Sound of Music). But more often, it is obviously forced and painfully awkward.

There’s no telling who will jump in on the action this year—but here’s a sample of what we hope NOT to see in our twitter feeds during the big game.